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Rob Coughlin has always had a passion for the construction industry. After 30 years of industry experience, he became inspired to start his own company focused on providing consistent and quality service. 

Rob knows how to deal with anything from removing mounds of snow to roofing a hundred-year-old house. Likewise, Rob and his team are determined to give you the best value for quality service.


We are more than just a roofing company in Newtown Square. While we have a specialized team of roofing contractors Newtown Square PA, we also offer various other services.

All services provided by RPC Services LLC are done with quality and care. With years of working in the industry under different capacities, our team of professional builders and roofers come together at our roofing company in Newtown Square in order to provide our clients with the building services they need for their homes or commercial space. Check out our services below.

we offer competitive pricing with automated technology, whether you have a flat roof or ne
Snow Removal Truck


Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Shake

EPDM Flat Roof

Metal Roofing

TPO Flat Roofing


Fiber Cement

LP Engineered Wood






Distribution Centers
Ice Melt
Parking Lots
Roof Shoveling

Roofing Newtown Square PA

Whether you have suffered storm damage or are looking to replace your outdated roofing system, RPC Services is the roofing contractor you can count on. We specialize in roofing installation, replacement, and repairs for a variety of roofing styles. 


​Finding the right roofing contractor and professional service to fix your home can be a lot more complicated than it sounds. You want to make sure the team you are hiring is honest, reliable, and provides quality work. That is why you need to hire our roofing company in Newtown Square.


We provide our loyal customers with durable, long-lasting roofing, siding installation, and other construction work. We take the time to give a complete evaluation of the project and offer our consultation on the best and most efficient solutions. You will not find a more committed roofing contractor. Get a free estimate today!











Why You Can Trust RPC Services for Roofing Contractors in Newtown Square

At RPC Services, we know how difficult it can be for homeowners to make sure every facet of the home is adequately kept up with. Owning a home is your investment, and you have put in a lot of dollars and effort to make sure it is always in its best possible shape. We take that into account to give you our best construction effort possible with top-tier roofing materials and roofing work.


We take pride in working with you every step of the way and properly communicating to ensure there are no surprises or hidden fees. From residential to commercial roofing projects, our owner and founder, Rob is on every single project so that you know you are getting our undivided attention.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    RPC Services can help you with most of your roofing needs. Have additional questions? Find your answers here! We can guide you through the roofing process and make sure that your residential property remains safe and secure. Read through some of our popular questions asked regarding roof repairs, roofing needs, storm damage, and more!
  • What are the most common types of residential roofing?
    House roofing has multiple different types of materials being used, but the most common are asphalt shingles, tile, metal, and wood shingles. Asphalt shingles are the most common because they are lower cost than the others with a reliable durability life.
  • How do I know if I need a new roof in Newtown Square?
    Most people are only aware of how old their roof is once they start seeing leaks or water damage. If it is over 20 years old, it may be time for a roof replacement. Also, damaged or missing shingles are telltale signs of older roofs. A roofing contractor and other contractors can give your roof a proper inspection and recommend what is best to repair it based on your roof's condition.
  • What should I look for when hiring a Newtown Square Roofer?
    Some of the best roofers in Newtown Square, PA, are insured, licensed, and have great communication and reputation in the community. Ask your neighbors, family members, or friends who they suggest for quality work in the Delaware County area, or go with RPC Services, which meets all of these requirements, offers exceptional services, and is a reliable professional in the Newtown Square roofing world!
  • How long does it take to install a new roof?
    Residential roofing in Newtown Square, PA can require quite a bit of work depending on how big your home is, what roofing materials are being used, and more. Most roof installations can take one to three days for installation.
  • How can I maintain my roof to prevent future issues?
    Having your roof pristine and free of damage is not a hard task if you make sure to do regular maintenance. This can include cleaning gutters of debris, inspecting damaged shingles, and fixing loose roofing nails or whatnot. All of these things can help extend the life of your Newtown Square roof. Some roofs can last twenty to fifty years with well-maintenance treatments, so make sure you are keeping everything in check and your roof should remain in top condition.
  • What sets RPC Services apart from other roofing contractors?
    Not only has our team at RPC Services been in the roofing industry for over thirty years in Newtown Square, but the company has also provided clients with exceptional roofing services like roof repairs, PA roofing installation, gutter installation, and any other roof work needed. We also offer quality workmanship services like siding installation, siding replacement, and snow removal services! Now try to find other roofers in Newtown Square, PA that can do all of that!
  • Is your roof repair team licensed and insured?
    Yes! RPC Services are proudly fully licensed and insured for quality workmanship and your protection. We also prioritize safety on every job site and follow all necessary guidelines and regulations. We know owning a home is an investment and want to treat it as such, with the utmost care and quality craftsmanship.
  • What is the best wood for roofing materials?
    Wood in roofing is very important because it's one of the main high-quality materials roofers use for roof installation. So deciding on what type of wood you need for your home is crucial for durability and longevity. Cedar is usually a great option for your roof because it's resistant to rot and insect damage. Also, cypress and redwood are good because they can handle wet climates and heavy snowfall.
  • What is the biggest problem roofers in Newtown Square, PA face?
    A roofing company like RPC Services sees a lot of roof leaks on the job in Newtown Square. This may be one of the most common problems homeowners face with roofing contractors, and they are serious issues because you need to fix it as soon as possible before it damages more of your home. With the time sensitivity, our roofers take the job very seriously and get in to fix the reported leak as soon as possible.
  • What is the busiest time of year for a roofer in Newtown Square, PA?
    Roofers in Newtown Square tend to be busy all year around, but fall would have to be the busiest time for a specific season. This is because homeowners try to get their roofs ready for winter when there is severe snow, hail, and rainfall. Because the demand for roofs during this time is higher, the prices can also be higher. So make sure to contact us for a thorough inspection before it is too late.
  • What goes first on a roof during installation?
    A Newtown Square, PA roofing contractor, or roofing manufacturers in Newtown Square, PA, tend to add a first layer of the entire roof, called roof decking. This primarily is made up of wooden boards that are sometimes planks or plywood and create the framing of your roof. Some roofers like to say it is the foundation for the rest of the roofing materials during the roof installation process.
  • How expensive can a new roof in Newtown Square, PA, be?
    New roofs can be pricey, especially with the most costly materials like metal and if there are flat roofs vs. layered ones. Roof installations vary in cost per square foot, the pricing often includes both materials and labor. So when you are considering a new roof, even for flat roofs, make sure to go with a roofing material at a fair price and something that you can afford before installation.
  • Should I replace my roof if it's not leaking?


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