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RPC Services, The Top Contractor for Roofing Newtown Square PA

A Newtown Square home's roof, residential roofing Newtown Square

Roofs are made to last a while, but for this to happen, regular roof maintenance is key. Over time your home is bound to fall victim to natural elements, like storm damage, or accidents that can bring extensive damage to your home, thus requiring roof work as a result.

If you are someone who aims to have a house that is not only beautiful but also sturdy, having a high-quality roof is crucial. Our roofing services here in Newtown Square, PA, promise to provide quality workmanship and an excellent job for your project.

What to expect from a professional Newtown Square roofing contractor

RPC Services roofing contractors Newtown Square, conducting roof work

Roof contractors are the superheroes of rooftops. Armed with a ton of know-how and creative skills, they are on a mission to ensure your roof stays in the game for the long haul. Thanks to their roofing wizardry, your roof can become a rockstar – solid, durable, and as reliable as your morning coffee.

Our roofing company is already proven and tested with a track record of excellent workmanship. We always prioritize our exceptional customer service so that our clients will be comfortable working together for their future projects.

How to prepare for your roof repair project in Newtown Square, PA

Leaky roof and roof upgrades calls for RPC Services - Newtown Square roofer and experts in the roofing industry

Begin by determining the specific requirements of your roof, whether it involves repairing, replacing, or installing an entirely new roof. Naturally, you can tap us in to help you assess and manage your project

  1. Ensure the legitimacy of your chosen roofing contractor. Verify their licenses and insurance in Newtown Square, PA, and conduct online research, exploring reviews to gauge their performance and client feedback. No need to worry about this stuff if you work with us!

  2. When selecting roofing contractors, prioritize those with extensive experience in the industry. Do not forget to obtain quotes. RPC Services typically provides free estimates to our clients.

  3. Inquire about the materials and techniques employed by your roofing contractor, as well as their communication practices with clients. We can provide you with a thorough list of everything you need.

  4. Confirm the availability of warranties and examine their past projects for a comprehensive assessment.

We at RPC Services have a proven track record of being Newtown Square roofing contractors for years. Working with us will make your projects ten times easier. We can ensure that your project will receive professional service and roofing excellence.

How long will it take to spruce up your roof when you get our roofing services?

Launching a new roof project is like sending your home to the ultimate beauty spa. Getting a fresh roof is a bit of a time commitment, and the timeline depends on things like size, complexity, quality of materials, and weather.

RPC Services roof repair and upgrade, Roofer Newtown Square PA

Getting the lowdown on how long this whole process will take is a valuable aspect to consider. Let us uncover the basics of how roofers do their work and the factors that might slow it down or speed up.

Timelines & Factors that will affect your roof repair project

  1. Small Residential Roof: A few days to a week for a straightforward design.

  2. Larger Residential Roof: One to two weeks or more for bigger houses or complex structures.

  3. Commercial Roofing: Several weeks to months for larger and more complex projects.

  4. The Weather: The sudden bursts and varying amounts of rain, snow, or extreme heat can significantly slow down a project.

  5. Material Type: Different materials will naturally have different installation times.

  6. Prep Work: The amount of work required to remove old or damaged roof layers or roof repairs can add to the overall time.

Check in with our roofing experts at RPC Services to get an exact timeline. We will assess the scale of your project, provide detailed information on timelines, and ensure your continuous involvement for a successful and durable roof installation.

Our roof installation process as roofing contractors in Newtown Square, PA

It is important to have a grasp on what to anticipate for your roofing project before it starts. To give you an overview, here is our standard Newtown Square roofing company procedure for our roofing services.

The key stages in a roofing replacement:

  1. Old Roof RemovalFirst things first, gotta ditch the old roof. Asphalt roofs get the boot with a shingle fork – starting from the top and working our way down. If you are rocking a metal roof, it is more like a rock concert with a pry bar or drill getting the panels to drop it like it is hot.

  2. Roof Decking InspectionNow that the old roof is history, our roofing crew turns into detectives on the roof deck. Checking for damaged sheathing, moist spots, and any mildew or rot vibes. It is like a CSI investigation, but for roofs. They figure out if any spots need a makeover before slapping on the new roof.

  3. Flashing TestWe then inspect the flashing for wear and replace it as necessary. If the flashing is still good, then there is nothing that needs to be done. If it has seen better days, it is time for a replacement in key spots like chimneys, valleys, and vents. Flashing is the device on your roof that keeps the water out – essential!

  4. Drip Edge InstallationEnter the drip edge, the hero against water invasion. Depending on its rooftop setup, it might groove in before or after other stuff. Installing before the underlayment if it is on the lower roof scene. Side of the roof? After the underlayment takes the stage.

  5. Underlayment PlacementNow, let's talk underlayment – the unsung hero of the roof game. It is like a felt paper protecting the framing and sheathing from water and rot.

  6. New Roofing Material InstallationThe main event where the new roofing material takes place. Whether it is shingles or metal panels, they work their way up from the bottom. Asphalt shingles get the nail treatment through tar strips, so no exposed nails are stealing the limelight.

  7. Collection of discarded materialsA massive cleanup session. Our roofing services squad will not leave a mess in your place.

  8. Final InspectionPost-installation, our team and head will step up for the final check. We will make sure everything is in place and there are no material meltdowns, and then we will get you pictures of your fresh roof!

RPC Services Roofing Company, Roofing Contractor providing home improvement services in a professional manner


What factors can affect the timeline for replacing my roof?

Weather, like unexpected snow or rain, the size and complexity of your roof, and the materials you choose are the main characters in this roof installation. Make sure to schedule your project when weather forecasts are reporting good weather.

When can your roof contractors start working on my roof replacement project?

Ideally we will start ASAP but the timing is also dependent on our roofing crew's availability and schedule. Reach out to us and secure your spot. Note that you should avoid booking during peak season if you are aiming for a speedy process of a residential roofing project.

Any secret tips or backstage passes to help speed up the roof replacement?

To ensure a smooth-sailing roof installation, communicate with your roofing crew, preferably us, and make sure to ask for necessary permits, pre-select your roofing materials, and discuss potential challenges with your contractor before starting the project.

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